Friday, February 9, 2018

Lipton Green Milk Tea

I always scout for new ready to drink milk tea at 7-Eleven. I got excited when I spotted the Lipton Green Milk Tea the other day. I thought it would replace my craving for Pokka's Green Tea Milk Tea which 7-Eleven used to sell years ago. I couldn't even find it in Japan now, so I've been just drinking matcha at Nana's Green Tea.

I always like to pour ready to drink milk tea in a glass with ice. That's what I did when I got home. I had a lot of difficulty opening the bottle. Even my trusty rubber band couldn't get it open. I finally wedged it open and poured half of the content into the glass. Immediately tried it and memories of Bali came pouring in my mind. A decade ago my brother bought bottles of tea to drink. The drink tasted like we drank flowers. Lipton Green Milk Tea tasted more like flowers than green tea with milk. I guess they meant by green = garden/nature/flowers. We only finished the bottle because I tricked my son to finish it hehe. 

Lipton Green Milk Tea is best for people who have a palate for flowery stuff. 


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