Friday, January 29, 2010

Gold Kili Instant Milk Tea

So I got the chance to go to Singapore last week. I made sure to drink at least one glass of iced tea with milk every day since I won't be able to do that locally. One of the things I made sure to look for was instant tea milk since I was quite disappointed with the last one I tried.

I had a hard time choosing which brand to buy when we went to Cold Storage on Orchard Road. I wanted to buy several packs but was afraid of going overweight so I finally chose Gold Kili only because it seemed to be the most in demand (few left on the shelf).

And it was a good choice. Tastes a bit sharp though. A teaspoon of condensed milk takes the sharpness out and makes it the perfect instant milk tea.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sariwangi Tea

Last Christmas I received a package from my Kuya and the package included a couple of packs of coffee. Just discovered this morning what was inside the box of tea (the text was in bahasa) and was pleasantly surprised to find 6 boxes of flavored tea!

Oh what joy! It's going to take me awhile though to sample them all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Instant Tea Milk

We're seriously back-logged for this blog but I can assure you that both Drew and I have been scouring our individual cities for yummy tea drinks.

Saw this instant tea milk (Galingco Nai Cha) the other day at the grocery so I got one pack to try it out. I dissolved it first with some hot water before I added cold water and ice.

My take? Good thing I just bought 1 pack.