Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kirin White Chocolate Milk Tea

Kirin White Chocolate Milk Tea is my latest discovery in Tokyo. I always make it a point to visit a supermarket/grocery/convenience store whenever I travel. This is where I usually find interesting milk tea. It's usually a hit or miss, but I always remember the better ones and come back to it when I get to visit the country again.

So far Kirin's selection of milk tea beverages have been a hit with me. I like the Premium Milk Tea the best and oftentimes have some stock in my fridge. We have the Royal Milk Tea available in the office so that's my staple milk tea drink whenever I'm at work. Yesterday I went to the supermarket near my hotel to check out if there was anything new and found the Kirin White Chocolate Milk Tea.

I've been hesitant in trying flavored milk tea because oftentimes they don't blend very well (check out the post before this). After my first sip I knew that this variety would be good. The white chocolate and milk tea blended perfectly. It wasn't distinctly chocolate nor milk tea. It was a well-balanced blend of white chocolate, milk and tea. In pasta terms it would be described as al dente.

I will definitely have the Kirin White Chocolate Milk Tea again when I visit Japan next time. I hope they'll import it in Singapore too.