Tuesday, March 13, 2012

360 Hand Shaken Tea

360 Hand Shaken Tea opened its first branch in Yahu! Plaza located in Davao City's Chinatown. I found out about it through a friend, whose friend at work bought him a cup of their milk tea. I was pretty content with whipping up my own milk tea at home with my stash of Old Town and Gold Kili, but nothing beats a fresh cup of milk tea.

Karen Ang of Dementia-Foodista.com

360's store is located right at the back of the mall. At that time they priced each cup at just 30 pesos, yes, that's less than $1! Naturally, I was a skeptic! I ordered the plainest milk tea available. The best way to gauge milk tea is to taste it in its barest form - no flavoring and minimal sugar. I got the Pearls Milk Red Tea, less sugar. My verdict? I was pleasantly surprised! The tea mixture was smooth and wasn't too bitter (although I don't mind bitter). The pearls were also perfectly chewy. For P30, this was a good deal! From then on, I was a regular at their store, and soon they opened another branch on Malvar Street in front of Davao Doctor's College. The pictures on this post were taken at that branch.

New fansof 360: Tiara, Karen, Me, Ria and Mica

360 now has four branches, including new ones at SM Davao and NCCC Mall in Matina. Sadly, they had to jack up their prices to P42/cup. It's still dirt cheap if you ask me, and I remain a loyal customer.