Saturday, July 31, 2010

Owl Teh Tarik (Instant Milk Tea)

Owl Teh Tarik (hand-pulled milk tea) is probably one of the best instant milk tea brands I've sampled. It's the closest rendition of hand-pulled milk tea in powder form. I couldn't help but ooh and aah when I first tasted it and had to stop myself from finishing the pack I bought from Singapore in a week. It because too sweet though when I added condensed milk, but was perfect when I added fresh milk on another day. Definitely getting several packs when I visit Singapore again.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Super Milk Tea (Instant 3-in-1)

I just tried Super's instant milk tea just now. Tasted like milk tea from hawker centers but with a citrus twist aftertaste. I think I should have added some condensed milk when I had a glass. It's not so bad though, I think I'll have another try soon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kozui Green Tea

Headed to Kozui Green Tea at Tomas Morato with a couple of friends after attending an event. It was just two blocks away from the event so Sweetie and I just walked. It was nestled between an internet cafe and a resto. Everything was green inside Kozui and I felt totally refreshed after walking under the sun.

I immediately scanned the menu for milk tea (addict!) and found that they had tea lattes. Of course, majority of the drinks available had green tea as its base (obviously!). Most of my friends had fruit teaz, flavored green tea. Here's Karla's drink, flavored green tea with lemon (Sweetie had his with raspberry):

So I spoiled the fun and ordered iced black tea latte since I thought it would be the best tasting milk tea drink. I liked it but just found it a little bitter (I like my milk tea sweet).

Juned had some "green tea halo-halo" (I forgot to get its exact name). I had a spoonful of green tea ice cream and loved it. I'll definitely get some green tea ice cream next time I have the chance to visit Kozui.

And I hope next time I'll have some space in my tummy to try out their snacks like this takoyaki balls that Sha and Karla shared.

Kozui Green Tea (map)
258 B Tomas Morato Ave.
Quezon City
Phone: +632-413-2705
Open Daily: 9am-12mn (Monday to Thursday); 9am-1am (Friday to Sunday)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mr. Tea Milk Tea (Instant 3-in-1)

I got a pack of Mr. Tea instant Milk Tea in Singapore during my last trip. I was actually looking for a pack of Gold Kili Milk Tea since I loved its taste so I just got a pack of Mr. Tea's instant milk tea instead. (Since it's called Mr. Tea, I kinda thought I'd find Mr. T's photo on it, LOL).

Immediately tried it when I got home in Manila and thought it tasted like milk tea sold at hawker centers. Just added a teaspoon of condensed milk to make it a bit sweeter. It's one of my frequent afternoon delights.