Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Breaking the Milk Tea Fast

I drink milk tea at least 5 times a week. It became a daily fix after lunch with my friend Cherry. We'd finish our meal and then head to the kopitiam to buy iced milk tea from Toast Box. The staff already knew what we were ordering and would just usually ask how many we were buying. They even tried to teach me to speak Chinese because they said I look like one and were wondering how come I don't know how to communicate in their language. So I learned the words teh peng and xiexie.

So Ash Wednesday rolled in last March 1. I was still thinking about what to give up for Lent. Eventually decided on giving up milk tea. I was really hesitant to do it because it was my daily prize for myself after a long day at work. It was one of the most challenging 40 days for me.

A decade ago I gave up drinking soda. It drove me crazy for 2 weeks but eventually I did not crave for it anymore. For milk tea I thought about breaking the sacrifice every single day. It was really hard (the other stuff I sacrificed does not compare!) and it was not made easier when I was in Tokyo because you can buy milk tea anywhere you go. So I really looked forward to Easter.

Easter Sunday came and I was eager to finally drink some milk tea. After hearing mass we proceeded to a restaurant to meet my cousin. Unfortunately the restaurant did not have milk tea in the menu. I played cool and said that it could wait until merienda time. We were in Tokyo so we did some station hopping after lunch and with tired feet we settled to have snacks at a cake shop in Akihabara.

Hubby took a vid of me breaking my milk tea fast. After that day I noticed there were a lot more varieties of milk tea available in the vending machines so I spent some time sampling different brands.

I don't think I'll sacrifice drinking milk tea ever again. :p


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Giraffe Afternoon Tea Straight Tea

During our recent trip to Japan, we spotted this bottled tea in a Tokyo convenience store.  What got me intrigued about this particular tea is that it was described as "straight tea."  I had no idea what that meant so i figured why not find out what does straight tea taste like.

This 500 ml bottled tea from Kirin, is described as "newly blended fresh cut tea leaves, evolved to authentic iced tea with a more fragrant taste of aroma taste of tea leaves".   It continues describing it saying that "Dimbra authentic ice straight tea relaxes with a gentle aroma of tea leaves and a refreshing aftertaste."

So what did it taste like?  Although there are sugar ingredients (fructose corn sugar liquid, sugar), there isn't a hint of sweetness. Despite that, it didn't taste bitter either.  The aromatic aftertaste of this black tea based drink desires more that I enjoyed it with small sips instead of gulping it down like a quench thirsting beverage.

So where's the "straight" part in this?  I guess it's more of a straightforward tea offering.  No fancy or complex combinations of ingredients were needed to make this drink favorable.

Giraffe afternoon tea straight tea also comes in the following sizes:
  • 280 ml PET bottle
  • 500 ml plastic bottle
  • 1500 ml PET bottle
  • 250 ml paper (LL slim)
I'm looking forward to trying this again if I can find this in a Japanese supermarket.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Toast Box Teh Peng (Milk Tea)

Toast Box is one of the most popular cafes in Singapore and you can chance upon one in most malls/department stores. Aside from kopi (coffee) you can also select teh (tea) from the cafe. Teh O is just plain tea, while Teh C comes with milk. You can choose to have it hot or cold.

Teh O or more popularly called Teh Ping locally is usually mixed with condensed and evaporated milk, giving the tea a sweet milky flavor. Compared though to Taiwan milk tea, teh tarik has a stronger tea flavor. It goes best with peanut butter toast, kaya toast or the butter sugar toast.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Taiwan's Best Milk Tea: Chun Shui Tang

During my first trip to Taiwan I asked around where I could buy the best milk tea. I was unsuccessful in finding it. I managed to try milk tea in a few places, but I knew it wasn't the place locals went to (they were located in touristy areas). So I made it my goal to find the best milk tea suggested by locals.

It was right under my nose. Just a few steps away from my hotel you will find "Chun Shui Tang" which is the most recommended milk tea in Taiwan.

For my first try I ordered pearl milk tea with less sugar and normal ice. It was more milky compared to milk tea from other countries where the tea had a stronger taste. I like that it was not too sweet sweet and it smoothly went down my throat. Those who prefer to have milkier milk tea would like this beverage. 

For an idea on how it compares to other brands, it's a tad bit like Cha Time (but better hehe). So next time your in Taiwan make sure to find the nearest Chun Shui Tang branch! 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Old Town White Milk Tea

One of my favorite milk teas is Old Town White milk tea. I always have it before I board a flight out of Kuala Lumpur. You can get a box for only Myr12.50 at the shop before you board the plane.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Tai Hing Milk Tea

Most milk tea shops serve milk tea with lots of ice in it. Tai Hing resto, a Hongkong cuisine resto at Changi Airport Terminal 2 serves their milk tea pure (no ice!). It's one of the richest milk tea I've had.