Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Kirin's Limited Black Tea Floral Cherry Blossom Royal Milk Tea

My good friend Uzuki-san gave me two bottles of milk tea before I left Tokyo. One was the Kirin cherry blossom milk tea and the other was the Kirin chocolate milk tea. I luckily found some bubble wrap and managed to bring it back to Singapore safely.

I'm always anxious with trying out new things, so I dilly-dallied for a week before I tried the drink. I had sampled the Kirin chocolate milk tea when I was in Tokyo and absolutely loved it. I found it at a supermarket while I was looking for some Japanese ingredients to bring back home. I didn't know about the cherry blossom variant until Uzuki-san surprised me with it at work.

Because the packaging was pink I had expectations that the drink may taste a bit like strawberry milk. I had no clue how it might taste. After taking a tentative sip I was surprised to discover that it tasted very fresh. The usual milk tea I have makes you sober. The Kirin cherry blossom milk tea gave me a refreshing buzz. I tried to prolong finishing it, but I gulped it down in no time since it tasted really good. Oishii!

How I wish Kirin will make it available in Singapore!


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