Friday, November 17, 2017

Haagen Dazs Green Tea Crispy Sandwich

During my last visit to Japan I vowed to try different types of milk tea everyday. My plan got derailed when I chanced upon the Haagen Dazs Green Tea Crispy Sandwich at Lawson's. I just had to try it.

Back at the hotel I quickly tried out the ice cream sandwich. It was delicious, like drinking green tea frap while eating biscuits. I made a mess though since I didn't go back to the hotel immediately. I tried again the next day and ate it while the ice cream was still firm. It was a better experience.

The treat reminded me about my favorite Singapore ice cream sandwich which you can get from Orchard Road. I like the biscuit better than ice cream on bread. It's quite filling too, so if you're trying it out make some space in your tummy! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Milk Tea in Hong Kong

I was told by some friends that the best milk tea in the region can be found in Hong Kong. I had my misgivings since my favorite teh peng is in Singapore. Eventually found myself in Hong Kong a few months ago and immediately looked for milk tea made in Hong Kong.

The first encounter was in our office. I squealed when I saw that we actually had milk tea available in the fridge. I drank one during a meeting and I couldn't help but comment that it was really good. In Singapore/Malaysia most of the milk tea has strong tea flavor, in Taiwan it has more milk, in Hong Kong it was a well balanced blend of milk and tea. It made the drink more smooth, so I really liked it. The person I was meeting said that the one I tried was just a sample of what Hong Kong milk tea is. He suggested I try one that's freshly made.

After work I got my hubby to look for Ten Ren Tea with me. Another friend told me that it was the most popular (and best) milk tea in Hong Kong. He cautioned though that lines were usually long. We finally found the branch that was inside a bookstore. I was immediately taken by the ice cream!

In my mind the ice cream was glistening and singing to me hahaha. It's the best ice cream of its kind. It's been several months since I've been to Hong Kong and I still think about it.

I also tried the milk tea. It was fresh and flavorful, but I must admit that I spent more time enjoying the ice cream. And I completely forgot to take a photo of the drink! I wanted to go back to the shop the next day, but I got so busy at work and had to run to the airport after my event. I guess I'll need to go back to Hong Kong for another chance to drink Ten Ren Tea's milk tea.

I've been trying to get a friend from Hong Kong to buy me Vitasoy milk tea. Luckily the supermarket across our place stocked on them last September so I managed to buy some. Too bad though they ran out after the huge promo they did. Now I have to go searching for it in Singapore again...

And yes, Hong Kong milk tea is the best!