Monday, July 17, 2017

Singapore: Nana's Green Tea

I wanted to try something new for lunch last Saturday. The set meal offerings that Nana's Green Tea had outside of its store looked really appetizing so we decided to eat there. I had been to Nana's Green Tea a few times for snacks, so it was my first time to have a full meal there.

I ordered the hamburger meal set. I was a bit apprehensive at first since I didn't know if I would like the sauce that they put on top of the burger. Japanese burger is so tasty since it usually has milk and bread crumbs in it, but I usually pair it with a Japanese brown sauce and not gravy. Nana's Green Tea served it with peanut tasting gravy and grated raddish. It was a burst of flavors when I took my first bite. It found it a bit disconcerting that the gravy tasted like peanut butter, but the flavor just matched the burger perfectly. I will definitely go back to Nana's Green Tea for the burger.

To matcha my meal I ordered cold matcha latte with vanilla ice cream. I had the ice cream added since I find green tea a bit bitter. Mixing vanilla ice cream and green tea latte makes the beverage just perfect for me. I used to order matcha green tea shake, but it takes me so long to finish the drink because the ice takes longer to melt. Latte + ice cream works best for me. I also like Nana's Green Tea matcha beverages because you know that the green tea they use is real and not processed. Some similar drinks lose the green tea flavor because they try to mask the bitterness too much.

Hubby prefers hot tea, so that's what he usually orders when we eat out (it's his teapot in the background of my yummy drink).

Nana's Green Tea is located at Plaza Singapura. I will surely be back soon! 


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