Friday, July 7, 2017

Taiwan: Milk Tea at Hanlin

Last night I had the opportunity to walk around the vicinity of my hotel and found "Hanlin" at the food court. Hanlin boasts that they are the origin of bubble tea. They have been around since 1986.

The menu had a long list of choices but I didn't want to be too adventurous so I just got the tieguanyin milk tea (but without bubbles). I realize though that I should've ordered it with bubbles and with 80% sugar (next time!). No bubbles and just 50% sugar is just like putting milk and tea together without the oomph. I still like that it was flavorful though.

Brought the cup back to the hotel since I didn't want to hangout in a busy food court. I paired it with creamy tomato mushroom pasta from Underground (a no meat resto). I had a fabulous dinner with my boys joining me over Google Hangout. 


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