Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Instant Tea Milk

We're seriously back-logged for this blog but I can assure you that both Drew and I have been scouring our individual cities for yummy tea drinks.

Saw this instant tea milk (Galingco Nai Cha) the other day at the grocery so I got one pack to try it out. I dissolved it first with some hot water before I added cold water and ice.

My take? Good thing I just bought 1 pack.


Clair said...

Do you like matcha too? Been drinking Green Max milky matcha when I don't have time to go to Starbucks for a cup of green tea latte. :)

Andrew said...

Awww yeah we are severely backlogged. Hope we can catch up on our blog posts. Anyway, how does this compare to Lipton Milk Tea? Never tried that yet.

Joey said...

I liked Lipton's milk tea better than Galinco. But the ones my brother bought in Hong Kong were even better than Lipton, in my opinion.

Aileen Apolo-de Jesus said...

@Joey may I know what brand he got for you?

Joey said...

Hi, Aileen. Sorry for the late reply. I remember that one had the brand Dai Pai Dong. Forgot the other brands na...Sorry

Rezza Custodio said...

if you guys are lucky to find a box, try AIK CHEONG TEH TAHRIK. I was always unlucky trying to find some in Singapore (where I first bought in Cold Storage). I discovered that brand was ALWAYS out of stock. When I chanced on 2 boxes in HK (last 2), I grabbed them both! Who cares if it bulked up my luggage? LOL

The foaminess was great (no need to pull too much) and concentration was great - 1 sachet was well enough for 1 big mug!

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