Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Complete Me Tea

So I need to do a lot of catching up with this blog that Drew and I concocted a few months back when we were in Singapore. It took us a long time to decide on a blog name because most of the names we thought about were already taken! So this blog took awhile to brew.

I'm honestly far from being a tea connoisseur. I only developed a liking to tea because I had no choice. I became allergic to powdered drinks and soda, so I was forced to explore other options.

I was 15 years old the first time I drank tea. It happened in Japan and we had to participate in a tea ceremony. I was terrified because I thought that it would be bitter and we were told that we had to finish everything that was served. After the first sip I realized that it wasn't so bad and that I liked it (it was green tea). Eventually I would drink tea every chance I got (which was rare).

I fell in love with tea and tea-based drinks again when I chanced upon Kopi Roti's milk tea (iced). I introduced it to Drew during a trip in Davao and he instantly fell in love with it. So we made a pact to find the best milk tea (and tea based drink) anywhere we go (even though we both become zombies when we drink it after 4 in the afternoon, blame the caffeine).

So this tea blog exists because of that pact and we hope to document all the best finds we chance upon.

Happy tea drinking!

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Andrew said...

I was addicted to Nestea since high school and only learned to drink other forms of tea long after college. I was, at first, appalled when I saw people pouring milk into their Earl Grey tea. But when I tried it myself, I loved it! I guess it's all about trying out new, unfamiliar things. I hope to document that in our new blog.

SgtMack said...

I'm a tea lover also. I can drink tea the whole day. I love green tea in particular. (:

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