Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pokka Premium Milk Green Tea

Whenever I'm in Singapore I go to 7-Eleven to check out if there's anything new I should try out. I had sampled the Pokka Milk Tea last year and found it a tad too lemon-y for my taste, but that didn't stop me from drinking it every time I visited Singapore.

Anyway, so during my visit last month I was surprised to see a new offering by Pokka - Milk Green Tea. Green tea with milk? Green colored beverage? I had to go around 7-Eleven's aisles thrice, thinking whether I should sample it or not. I was apprehensive because I thought that green tea plus milk would be weird. I like drinking green tea as it is, the more bitter, the better.

So my curiosity won out and I got a bottle. My hotel was just a stone's throw away so I went back to my room to get some rest and sample the green tea with milk.

And, my oh my, I got the shock of my life. It was an awesome experience. I never expected that green tea would go so well with milk. I loved it because it had the right level of sweetness and drinking it made me feel refreshed and re-energized (I had just come in from Manila that day and took a long walk to the Singapore Philatelic Museum).

And guess what, I had one every single day I was in Singapore. =)

Dear local retailers/supermarkets/specialty shops, please, please import Pokka Milk Green Tea!!!


Clair said...

More milk tea! Waah. I want to taste this Pokka Milk Green Tea

Anonymous said...

you're right. I wish they import it here in the Phillipines. Whenever I go to Singapore I always make sure to buy that drink

Anonymous said...

Hi! i just stumbled upon your site and I would love to try that pokka milk green tea! I actually wrote to 7eleven Philippines! maybe you can suggest to them too. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

same thing here. would want 7-11 or the philippine importer of pokka (benby) to consider bringing in pokka milk green tea:) first bought one while in marina bay sands but was delighted to find out later a 7-11 near the hbd i stayed in carried it at a cheaper price:)

Anonymous said...

Too bad Pokka Milk Green Tea is now almost discontinued. Last week i only can bought and brought to my country 15 bottles from every 7-11 and all supermarkets in Singapore, usually i can brought around 40 bottles..i like it very much !!!

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