Monday, January 31, 2011

Iced Milk Tea at Panda Cafe, Ocean Park, HK


In a recent trip to Hong Kong, my brother's family and I visited Ocean Park a day after a hectic New Year's celebration. The park was a far cry from what I recall during my last visit a decade ago. I was pleasantly surprised by how it's become this sprawling, full-fledged theme park. We arrived at noontime, and boy were we famished. A restaurant, the Panda Cafe, was a stone's throw away from the park entrance. They served typical Chinese food, but what really caught my attention was their iced milk tea, naturally!


The milk tea was dark and slightly creamy, with a lot of bite to it. I like that it's bitter and not too sweet. Even my brother and his wife were in agreement. I wanted another glass, but alas, I have to stick to my one-glass-a-day limit. I love that anywhere I go, Hong Kong serves a mean iced milk tea. I'll be back soon!


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