Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gong Cha

I think Drew and I have been so busy drinking milk tea we both have not been able to blog! I have quite a number of posts though which I should be able to work on while I'm billeted in Singapore.

Since I'm in a milk tea country I thought I'd try out the different milk tea stations in my vicinity. My pick this week was Gong Cha which I found nicely situated where I get off the bus on Somerset Road. It's just beside the 7-Eleven on Somerset 313 mall. 

I decided to order a standard milk tea with pearls (80% sugar). I was hoping that it won't have a silly taste so I could always go back for more. I must say that I absolutely loved it because the tea and milk were perfectly blended. It wasn't bitter, it didn't taste like milk, it was just perfect. (I seriously should read more about writing about tea so I can relate better how much my experience went.)

Anyway, this tea is made of awesome. I wish though I knew what's written on it and what "already famous" means.

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Gong Cha
GF Somerset 313 (map)

Price: SG$2.50 and above)


Anonymous said...

The Chinese words on the cover 一泡而紅 is the Chinese name of "Already Famous", an upcoming movie by Singaporean actress and director Michelle Chong. =) The guy on the cover is Alien Huang, a Taiwanese actor/singer who is the lead actor in the movie. (You can check out their Facebook Gong Cha is a sponsor of the movie, hence the cover.

If you want more info about the etymology of the Chinese words, the phrase actually reads "yi pao er hong". It is a play on “一炮而紅”, an idiom meaning "shoot to fame", except in this case they are using the word "泡" instead of "炮" as the former means "to brew" (e.g. tea or coffee), something which is very much tied to the movie's plot. =) Maybe you can catch the movie while you're in Singapore!

~a local passerby

JayDJ said...

There's a branch at Mall of Asia and one coming soon at Alabang Town Center (newest wing).

jehzlau said...

Oh i love Gong Cha so much! Suki na ako sa Gong Cha G4. hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

tried a new milk tea store in san juan area "tea monkey" masarap yung rock salt and cheese nila

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