Monday, May 10, 2010

Tea at Caffe Ti-amo

I was pleasantly surprised when we were served peppermint and lemon grass tea at Caffe Ti-Amo during their store blessing today. The store manager brought us this cool looking device and explained that they would steep fresh tea leaves in it. You just need to place hot water, the tea leaves and wait 15 minutes. When it's ready just put it on the cup and it will automatically transfer the tea sans the leaves.

I tried out the peppermint tea and I almost finished off the whole cup since it was really good. One order is about PhP100 (huge serving!). And they also sell the tea gadget for about PhP2K.

You may want to read more about Caffe Ti-amo. I wrote about their yummy Italian gelato in Lakwatsera Ako.

Caffe Ti-Amo
Upper Ground Floor,
SM North EDSA Annex

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mine Shine

Milk tea fanatics will surely love this treasure my husband and I discovered at 7-Eleven. Yes, 7-Eleven!!!

Introducing, Mine Shine, a ready to drink milk tea beverage available at all 7-Eleven stores. At first we only found it at one of the branches in Makati, but it eventually became available in the 7-Eleven store near our home (hooray for that!).

How does it taste? It tastes like the hokkaido milk tea at Serenitea. Far from the taste of Pokka's and Royal milk tea since it doesn't have a citrus tinge.

Definitely something I'm storing in my ref. Thank you 7-Eleven!