Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okinawa Milk Tea, Serenitea

The first drink I ordered at Serenitea was the Okinawa Milk Tea. I had a hard time choosing since they had a long list of milk tea choices. Good thing the tea barista was helpful and describe how the different choices tasted. I was still confused though (probably because I was so excited) so I ended up choosing the #1 choice in their top ten list.

The Okinawa Milk Tea (#2 choice though in their San Juan branch).

I did not go wrong in my choice since I liked it very much. Drew asked me how it tasted and I said, "It's not floral. Not lemon-y." I want my milk tea flat, not bitter and not too sweet so the Okinawa Milk Tea at 75% sweetness level was just perfect. I had a hard time adjusting to the pearls though since I've always had my milk tea straight (no add ons like pearls, crystals or what-not). I'll probably have the barista lessen the amount of pearls next time.

I had the Okinawa Milk Tea at Serenitea BF Homes, Paranaque. Address and map can be found at this post.


Jo Tan said...

try their oolong green maicha latte next time :)

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